Friday, January 9, 2015

Surrender, Jenny Gkotsi

Surrender, surrender,
 freedom lies within your bleeding soul.
The birds are flying below my dreams upon the sky,
laughing at my careless hope.
Oh hope, surrender, surrender,
let sorrow end for never giving up my immortal heart.
I don’t care for your vanity; I care for your emptiness
 scratching inside my morality in dark.
Freedom, surrender, surrender
you are all alone now, valleys left in peace of mind
as forgiveness bites my youth.
You give me the strength to struggle
the beloved who became instantly a crook.
Surrender, surrender, now
there is no hope in living dead with scattered eyes and holes.
Ugly minds with broken hands
could be no use for fools with inhuman goals.
copyright by jenny gkotsi 09-01-2015

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